WorkyQuad Mini Loaders from Spectrum Plant Ltd – Working Smarter Not Harder


WorkyQuads are highly versatile stand-on miniloaders.  With a huge range of attachments, they can be put to work in hundreds of applications.  WorkyQuad’s skid-steer steering and narrow width means you can get their huge power and up-to 450Kg lifting capacity to practically any job.

Buckets, forks, bale spikes, muck scrapers, log grabs and grapples are available for standard
lift-and-shift type jobs but the added versatility of the WorkyQuads hydraulic and electrical connections mean you can also power attachments such as flail mowers, post hole augers, hedge cutters, brushes, trenchers, etc and a quick-attach system makes it supremely quick and easy to change.

They all have 4 drive motors to give amazing 4×4 capability and traction over all ground conditions and they use the highest spec drive motors to give great travel speed and exceptional pushing force.  A wide range of tyres cater for all on and off-road ground conditions and there is even a tracked version for ultra-low ground bearing pressure applications.

A range of petrol, diesel and even fully electric power units allow you to choose the optimum configuration for your application.

Specifications vary but most will lift to over 2m (6’ 6”).  With optional counter weights and a normal operator some can lift up to 450Kg and the narrowest versions can squeeze through a 740mm (under 2’ 6”) gap.  Weighing in at between 650Kg and 850Kg they can be easily transported from job to job and powerful work-lights extend your winter days.

WorkyQuads have been made in northern Italy from 2009 and have been imported into the UK by Spectrum Plant Ltd since 2018, during which time sales have boomed as companies realise the huge productivity gains that can be made by bringing tireless, WorkyQuad power to hundreds of applications.  Spectrum Plant is one of the UK’s leading specialist machinery businesses, initially focussed on tree surgery machinery they have expanded to include solutions for landscapers, farmers, equestrian centres and more.

Spectrum Plant works with a small number of highly knowledgeable dealers to ensure the highest standards of sales and aftersales service across the whole of Great Britain.

You can find out more about the machines or your local dealer at or you can call on 0161 850 1011.

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